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IBM Maximo Application Suite Pricing

From on-premises to cloud, perpetual licenses to monthly subscriptions, and fixed entitlements to the flexibility of AppPoints – you can even add Suite licenses to your On-prem application for the best of all available options.

Maximo Factory
Maximo Application Suite

When you want to maximize value on new or existing systems: The Suite lets you share entitlements and change your product mix across EAM and APM applications.

Maximo SaaS Dedicated

When you need application customization with automatic system management: A SaaS solution on a fully-isolated, dedicated single-tenant IBM Cloud environment.

Maximo (On-Prem)

When you want an on-premises solution at a one time price or want to build on an existing license: A solution deployed on your hardware behind your firewall.

Features Maximo Application Suite Maximo SaaS Dedicated Maximo (On-Prem)
Platform Cloud/On-premises/Hybrid Cloud Customer hardware/environment
Supported cloud platforms IBM Cloud/3rd-party vendors IBM Cloud (dedicated system) n/a
System provisioning, maintenance, and upgrades Automatic with customization Automatic with customization Customer-controlled/managed
Shared AppPoints for access to all Suite applications Yes No Yes, with added Suite licenses
Supports addition of Suite licenses n/a No Yes
New and growing suite of applications and capabilities Yes No Yes, with added Suite licenses
Upgradeable to Maximo Application Suite n/a Yes Yes

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